English to Russian itzultzaileak: itzultzaile eta interpreteen direktorioa

Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak eta interpreteak » General fields

Englishtik Russianratik Tech/Engineeringrako itzultzaileak (8)
Englishtik Russianratik Art/Literaryrako itzultzaileak (23548)
Englishtik Russianratik Medicalrako itzultzaileak (17867)
Englishtik Russianratik Law/Patentsrako itzultzaileak (11204)
Englishtik Russianratik Sciencerako itzultzaileak (125)
Englishtik Russianratik Bus/Financialrako itzultzaileak (21921)
Englishtik Russianratik Marketingrako itzultzaileak (23383)
Englishtik Russianratik Otherrako itzultzaileak (9)
Englishtik Russianratik Social Sciencesrako itzultzaileak (140)

Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak eta interpreteak » Specific fields

Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Kontabilitatea (3700)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Publizitatea / Harreman Publikoak (8014)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Aeroespazioa / Hegazkigintza / Espazioa (1838)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Nekazaritza (2226)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ganadua / Abeltzaintza (889)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Antropologia
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Arkeologia
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Arkitektura
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Artea, Artisautza [1], Pintura (4351)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Astronomia [1] Espazioa (920)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Finantzak (orokorra) (8391)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Automatizazioa [1] Robotika (1936)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Automobil ingeniaritza / Autoak [1] Kamioiak (4240)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Biologia (teknikoa, kimikoa, mikro‐)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Botanika
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Eraikuntza / Ingeniaritza Zibila
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Negozioak/Merkataritza (orokorra) (10536)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Materialak (Plastikoak, Zeramikagintza, etab.)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Egiaztagiriak, Diplomak, Baimenak, CVak (5735)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Kimika; Kimika Zientz/Ingen
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Poesia [1] Literatura (5800)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Zinea, Filmak, Telebista, Drama (5738)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ehungintza / Jantziak / Moda
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Telekomunikazioak (4869)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ordenagailuak (orokorra) (6761)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ordenagailuak: Hardwarea (3268)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ordenagailuak: Softwarea (5577)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ordenagailuak: Sistemak, Sarea
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Zuzenbidea: Kontratua(k) (7334)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Sukaldaritza / Sukaldea (3874)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Kosmetikoak, Edergintza (3685)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Medikuntza: Odontologia (1080)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Komunikabideak / Multimedia (4137)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ekonomia (6711)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Hezkuntza / Pedagogia
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Elektronika / Ingen Elekt (3257)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Energia / Indarra Sortzea (3276)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ingeniaritza (orokorra) (5089)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ingeniaritza: Industria
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Mekanika / Ingeniaritza mekanikoa (4022)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ingeniaritza/Zientzia Nuklearra
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ingurumena [1] Ekologia (4106)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Esoterismoa
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Arrantza (316)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Folklorea (1188)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Janaria [1] Esnetegia
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Basogintza / Zura / Zuhaitzak (1147)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Altzariak / Etxe‐tresnak (1763)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Jokoak / Bideo‐jokoak / Zorizko jokoak / Kasinoa (3367)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Meatzaritza [1] Mineralak / Harribitxiak
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Genealogia (286)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Orokorra / Elkarrizketa / Agurrak / Eskutitzak (6769)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Genetika (664)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Geografia (2090)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Geologia (1064)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Gobernua / Politika (5184)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Argazkigintza/Irudigintza ([1] Arte Grafikoak)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Medikuntza: Osasun Laguntza (3780)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Historia
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Turismoa [1] Bidaiak
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Giza Baliabideak (3966)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Esapideak / Esakuneak / Atsotitzak (1407)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Aseguruak (2035)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Nazioarteko Erakundeak/Garapena/Lankidetza
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Internet, e‐Merkataritza
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Inbertsioak / Segurtasuna (2047)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Metalurgia / Burdinurtua
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: IT (Informazioaren Teknologia)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Kazetaritza (3725)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Higiezinak
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Zuzenbidea (orokorra) (6179)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Zuzenbidea: Patenteak, Marka erregistratuak, Copyright‐a (2575)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Zuzenbidea: Zergak [1] Bezeroak (2557)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Hizkuntzalaritza (6042)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Garraioa / Garraiabidea / Ontziak (4491)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Kudeaketa (4878)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Fabrikazioa
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Itsasontziak, Nabigazioa, Itsasaldea (1136)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Marketina / Merkatu azterketa (5651)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Matematika [1] Estatistika (1251)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Medikuntza (orokorra) (4909)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Medikuntza: Kardiologia (1099)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Medikuntza: Tresnak (1333)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Medikuntza: Farmazeutikoak (2667)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Meteorologia (185)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Metrologia
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Soldadutza / Defentsa (1484)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Musika (2758)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Izenak (norberarenak, enpresarena) (961)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Elikadura (1379)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Petrolio Ingeniaritza/Zientzia (3525)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Beste batzuk (1488)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Papergintza / Paper fabrikazioa (455)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Patenteak (981)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Filosofia (1699)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Fisika (918)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Inprenta [1] Publizitatea (1356)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Psikologia
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Erlijioa
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Txikizkako salmenta (1468)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Safety (598)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: SAP (578)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Zientzia (orokorra) (3777)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Argota (769)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Gizarte Zientziak, Soziologia, Etika, etab. (3859)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Kirolak / Fitness / Aisia (2802)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Topografia
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Ardoa / Enologia / Mahasgintza (689)
Englishtik Russianrako itzultzaileak: Zoologia (710)

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Identity Verified   Natalie
English to Russian translation, English to Russian translator, Russian translator, biochemistry, biophysics, biology, ecology, pharmacology, medicine, medical, CRF, clinical trial protocols, informed consent, chemistry, MSDS, occupational Safety, pharmaceutical, pharmacology, physics, research papers, environment, software, hardware, website localization, fiction, diplomas, certificates, academic transcripts, case report forms, CRF, clinical trial protocols, drug registration, informed consent forms, ICF, IVRS, user guides, instructions for use, IFU, leaflets, manuals, surgical devices, medical equipment, package inserts, labels, patient information, pharmacological research reports, quality of life, questionnaires, diploma, transcript, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce cetificate, death certificate, literature ... Russian
28245 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Enote
  To translate is to understand
technical translation, technical translator, English to Russian translation, printer, copier, computer, drive, PLC, programming, software, hardware, electronics, electrics, power plant, user guide, service manual, installation and operation manual, data sheets, translator, telecom, trados, translator from English into Russian, printing, publishing, IT and telecommunications, IT, networking, storage systems, Russian translator, translation services, translation memory, TM, English-Russian translator, MSDS, Russian native speaker, Russian mothertongue ... Russian
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20547 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Igor Blinov
  Precision Powered by Knowledge
A/D converter, AC motor, account, accounting, air conditioning, amortisation, amplifier, assets and liabilities, ATM, auction, audio, auditor, AutoCAD, auto-reclosure, auxiliary supply, balance sheet, bonds, borrower, broker, business administration, business intelligence, capacitance, capital, cash flows, CAT, CCTV, circuit breaker, circuitry, collateral, company product brochures, computer hardware, consumables, control room, cost center, credit cards, credit facility, credit risk, current, data communications, data processing, data storage, DC motor, debt instruments, deferred tax, depreciation, derivatives, diesel engine generating set, diesel generator, differential protection, digital signal processor, diode, disconnector, distance protection, DSP, earthig switch, EBRD, Economics, electrical engineering, electronics, equity, FCA, feasibility study, feeder, financial, financial reporting, financial statements, financing, FX, GAAP, gas turbine, high-voltage line, HMI, home applianc ... Russian
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7182 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Leila Usmanova
  PhD Chemistry, 20+ yrs in translation
chemistry, plastics, pharmaceuticals, toxicology, chemical, production, processing, agriculture, forestry, ecology, fertiliser, MSDS, patent, trados, survey, UN, United Nations, SDL, Trados, technology, clinical studies, adverse events, clinical trials, informed consent form, investigator brochure, clinical study protocol, preclinical, toxicology, quality of life questionnaire, CTD, registration dossier, SOP, analytical validation, validation, pharmacopeia, EMEA, USP, Ph. Eur., medicines, REACH, SDS, GNS, chemicals, Safety, labelling, IPCC, Montreal Protocol, Ozone Layer, greenhouse gases, United Nations Forum on Forests, United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD, Chemicals and Waste, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, ozone-depleting substance, ODS, ODP, National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, Yamal LNG? Gedeon Richter, Sanofi, Berlin-Chemie, Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol, energy cons ... Russian
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6078 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Igor Savenkov
  Ph.D. 12+ years in technical translation
IT, computers, Internet, telecommunications, translator, translation from English into Russian, networking, technical translator, high quality, strict deadlines, hardware, software, English to Russian technical translation, English to Russian scientific translation, English translate, physics translation, computer games translation, video game translation, flash game translation, iPad game translation, iPhone game translation, translation localization, IT translation, computer text translation, Russian translate, native Russian translator, translator from English to, text translator, Russian language translation, software localization services, software localisation, localization of software, website localization, localization, web localization, translation service, software internationalization, translation services, localization service, website localisation, translation localization, translation, technical translation, technical translations, software translations, game localization ... Russian
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5955 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Vladimir Pochinov
  Your master key to the Russian markets
accounting, accounts, administration, ADR, agency agreement, AGM, agreement, alternative dispute resolution, annual general meeting, annual report, anti-bribery, anti-corruption, apostille, appeal, appraisal arbitration, arbitration award, arbitrator, articles of association, articles of incorporation, assignment, assignment agreement, auditing, auditor's opinion, auditor's report, bankruptcy, board of directors (BoD), bonds, business ethics, business plan, bylaws, call option, capital markets, civil law, claimant, company law, compliance, contract, contract of sale, copyright, copyright law, corporate law, corporate restructuring, court of appeal, credit facility, debentures, debt financing, deed, deed of warranty, defendant, disclaimers, dispute resolution, distributorship agreement, due diligence, due diligence report, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), EIB, employee handbook, employee stock option plan (ESOP), employment agreement, employment contract, English ... Russian
Errusiar Federazioa
5119 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Andrey Svitanko
  Science, Medicine, Tech/Engineering
Russian native translator, English to Russian translation, English to Russian translator, Russian translator, full-time freelance translator, Russian to English translation, Russian to English translator, biochemistry, biophysics, biology, ecology, pharmacology, medicine, medical, clinical trials, medical records, chemistry, physics, technical writing, science, electronics, research papers, patents, environment, software, hardware, website localization, fiction, diplomas, certificates, academic transcripts, case report forms, drug registration, informed consent forms, oil, petroleum, gasoil, fuel, technology, chemical technology, chemical engineering, polymerization, plastic, plastics, crude, mineral, catalyst, catalysts, auto, games, casino, online, user guides, instructions for use, leaflets, manuals, surgical devices, chemical equipment, package inserts, labels, quality of life, diploma, transcript, computers, hardware, software, education, technology, IT, information technologies, ... Russian
4177 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Pavel Nikonorkin
  Medical translation by medical doctor
Russian, English, English to Russian translator, medical translator, Russian native speaker, proofreading, editing, medical translations, medicine, medical, doctor, clinical, study, trial, clinical studies, clinical trials, investigational drug, study drug, medications, clinical expert statement, summary bridging report, periodic Safety update report, pharmacovigilance, adverse events, clinical trials, informed consent form, investigator brochure, clinical study protocol, preclinical, randomization, double blind, SDLX, Déjà Vu, CAT, SDL Trados, WordFast, medical devices, medical equipment, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, toxicology, genetics, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical, pharmacology, microbiology, endoscopy, orthopedics, implantology, transplantation, IVRS, IWRS, CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray, implants, laboratory, microscopy, monitoring, laser, optics, lens ... Russian
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4135 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Stanislav Korobov
  PhD(Med), MSc(MedBioph), Physiotherapist
translator, translation, medical, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, health, health care, healthcare, biological, biology, life sciences, physiotherapy, physical therapy, medical rehabilitation, biophysics, research, science, scientific, investigation, investigator, clinical, clinical trial, brochure, protocol, analysis, result, outcome, Russian, English, Ukrainian, history, thermal, temperature, physiology, physiological, animal, experiment, headache, hypoxia, hypoxic, normobaric, altitude training, altitude simulation ... Russian
4060 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Yelena Pestereva
  Translator with financial background
amendment agreement, amendment deed, annual accounts, annual report, anti-bribery law, antitrust law, apostille, appeal, appraisal, arbitration award, articles of association, asset allocation, asset-based securities, asset management, assignment of bank account agreement, auditor’s report, auditors' opinion, balance sheet, banking, Basel accord, bond offering, brochure, brokerage agreement, bylaws, capital markets, cash flow statement, cash management, certificate of incorporation, charter, closed-end funds, code of business ethics, code of conduct, code of ethics, collateral, collateralized mortgage obligations, confidentiality agreement, consulting agreement, convertibles, corporate governance, corporate policy, counterclaim, deed of assignment, deed of incorporation, deed of indemnity, deposit agreement, derivatives, disclosure, distressed debt, distribution agreement, diversification, divestiture, drag along, due diligence, emerging markets, equities, escrow agreement, execution v ... Russian
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3284 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   mas63
  MS Chemistry, PhD Biochemistry
Medicine, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Translation, English-to-Russian, Investigator's Brochure, Protocol, Clinical Study, In-vitro diagnostics, Food additives, Biochemistry, Immunology, Immunochemistry ... Russian
Errusiar Federazioa
2757 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Vitaly Ashkinazi
  Freelancer/Translation Company
Architecture, Engineering, Software, Hardware, Computers, Petroleum, Plastics, Casting, Molding, Localization, Safety, IT, Food, Technology, Engineering, Refrigeration, HVAC, Air, Conditioning, Cooking, Culinary, Materials, digital, Photography, auto, cars, bread, ice cream, rubber, oil, automotive, construction, doors, infrared, medical, instrumentation, metrology, milk ... Russian
Errusiar Federazioa
2776 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Edgar Hermann
  4 years with GAZPROM, university degree
Edgar Hermann, Эдгар Герман, competent-translation.com, Competent Translation, The Competent Translation, http://competent-translation.com, http://competent-translation.de, Компетентный перевод, Werbung, Kommunikation, Antrieb, Preisgünstig, Schnell, Metallbearbeitung, Holzbearbeitung, Elektrik, Lokalisierung, Deutsch-Russisch, Englisch-Russian, fast, reliable, experience, software, hardware, TRADOS, немецкий-русский, английский-русский, быстро и качественно, техника, реклама, работа по связям с общественностью, машиностроение, автомобилестроение, нефть и газ, музыкальные инструменты, oil and gas, устный перевод, Карлсруэ, Мангейм, Штутгарт, Мюнхен, Франкфурт, Diplomübersetzer (German University Degree in Translation), дипломированный переводчик, сертифицированный переводчик, в Германии, в Швейцарии ... Russian
2572 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Cherepanov
  20 years in translations, Ph.D. (Chem)
English-into-Russian translator, chemistry, MSDS, environment, pharmaceuticals, clinical study, analytical validation, health and Safety, medical instruments, analyzers, immunoassay, capillary electrophoresis, in vitro diagnostic kits, clinical trial protocols, biochemistry, ecology, patent, chemometrics, metrology, biochemistry, petrochemical, pigment, Ukrainian, химия, паспорт безопасности, фармацевтический, техника безопасности, медицинские приборы, клинические испытания, клинические исследования, экология, биохимия, нефтехимические, пигменты, патенты, русский, украинский, українська, клінічні дослідження, паспорти безпеки, фармацевтичний, нафтохімічні, техніка безпеки, екологія ... Russian
2538 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Oleg Nenashev
  First with the head then with the tongue
technical translation, technical translator, English to Russian translation, professional translator, software, hardware, electronics, user guide, service manual, installation and operation manual, IT and telecommunications, Trados, translator from English into Russian, translation services, translation memory, TM, English - Russian translator, mother tongue Russian, translation memory, TM, translation services, software interface localization, translations from English to Russian, Russian native speaker, Automotive field experience, technische Übersetzung, deutsch-russischer Übersetzer, Diplomübersetzer, Berufsübersetzer, deutsch-russisch, Technik, Mechanik, Maschine, Transport, Auto, Automatisierungstechnik, Industrie, elektrische Ausrüstung, Lokalisierung, Softwarelokalisierung, Handbuch, hohe Qualität, Freiberufler, Automobiltechnik, thermische Abschirmung, Zylinderkopfdichtung, Maschinenbau, Produktion, Bau, Bauwesen, Rechner, Computer, Betriebsanweisung, Projekt, Diplomübersetzer ... Russian
Errusiar Federazioa
2188 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Alieksei Seniukovich
  'Medical Linguistics Professional'
English, Russian, medical, translation, pharmaceutical, translation, medical translator, pharmaceutical translator, linguisctic validation, patient reported ouctomes linguistic validation, belarusian, russia, belarus medicine, general, trados, wordfast, cardiology, pharmacology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, medical equipment, radiology equipment, ultrasound equipment, immunology, application guide, guide to operations, operating manual, user manual, application instructions, application sheet, annotation, note, medicinal preparation, medicine, drug, pharmaceutical composition, formulation, physiology, physiopathology, health care, clinical trials, heart failure, hypertension, endocrine system pathology, gastrointestinal tract pathology, respiratory tract pathology, social hygiene, clinical medicine, clinical oncology, clinical pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, clinical chemotherapy, parallel clinical study, medical apparatus, medical statistics, medical electronics, pro ... Russian
2003 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Sergey Zubtsov
  PhD in Chemistry
project, system, English, French, Russian, translator, language, translate, USA, UK, France, Russia, text, word, software, localization, quality, price, rates, best rates, fast turnaround, best price, quick service, good quality, translation bureau, translation agency, Moscow, mechanical engineering, machine building, machinery construction, engineering industry, motor industry, automobile industry, automobile production, motor car construction, home appliances, quality control, quality management, DIN, GOST, SNiP, experience, machine tool, machine, plant, guide, handbook, manual, user's manual, user manual, operator guide, operator manual, documentation, web site, advertising, building, construction, project, computer, environment, production, manufacture, linguistics, IT, installation, power engineering, chemistry, document, file, repair manual, installation guide, maintenance guide, maintenance manual, MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet, ISO, heat-and-power engineering, DTP, CAT, CAT ... Russian
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1848 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Tanami
  Your Translator for Marine Industries
English to Russian, Spanish to Russian translator, naval engineering, naval architecture, shipbuilding, construction, ship design, marine engineering, marine technology, offshore, survey, offshore pipeline, seabed topography, inspection services, pigging, non-destructive, submersible, submarine, systems engineering, vessel, barge, yacht, maritime transport, offshore facility, sailing, yachting, boating, dock, dockyard, seismic survey, geophysics, marine geophysics, oceanograhy, hydroacustics, sonar, underwater, naval shipyard, naval industry, ROV, AUV, UUV, offshore facilities, offshore platform, welding technology, floating drilling rig, FSO, FPSO, HSE, HAZOP, HAZID, risk analysis, Safety, trunk pipelines, oil and gas transportation, petroleum, offshore engineering, LNG, HVAC, PLM, Product Life Management, subtitling, subs, subtitles, oil, gas, transportation, oil recovery, environment, captioning, SDH, audiovisual, audio, video, технический переводчик, судостроение, кораблестроение, ... Russian
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1768 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Vladimir Vaguine
translation services, English to Russian, French to Russian, service de traduction du français vers le russe, medical, medicine, biochemistry, children's diseases, pediatrics, paediatrics, health, gastroenterology, diagnostic imaging, clinical study, clinical studies, clinical trial, informed consent form, ICF, study protocol, protocol amendment, GCP, Good Clinical Practice, contracts, business, banking, dog, training dogs, dog's health, nutrition, veterinary, cynology, canine ... Russian
Errusiar Federazioa
1600 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Natalia Volkova
  20+ Translated Books Published in Moscow
English-Russian translator, English-Russian proofreader, English-Russian editor, Russian translator, Russian proofreader, Russian editor, English-Russian translator in Russia, English-Russian translator based in Russia, English-Russian marketing translator, experienced English-Russian translator, English-Russian translator Russia, experienced Russian translator based in Russia, Moscow publishing house translator, Russian translator with translations published in Moscow, English-Russian translator with marketing background, proofreading of advertising texts, proofreading of marketing texts, proofreading of ads, editing of advertising texts, English-Russian-English translator of educational programs, English-Russian translator of educational programmes, Edutainment, translations for the Russian target audience, localization, localisation, localization of English content, website localization for the Russian target audience, website localization for the Russian target audience, website lo ... Russian
Errusiar Federazioa
1541 points
Englishtik Russianra
Identity Verified   Evgueni Terekhin
  Marketing/IT in perfect style
human resourses, legal, subtitles, QM, Christianity, editing, proofreading, web-sites, localization, subtitling, market research, travel, tourism, from English into Russian, IT, software, hardware, printers, electronics, hotels, advertisement, telecommunications, fashion, contracts, scripts, manuals, business education, social networks, mobile systems, white papers, medical equipment, civil engineering, jewelry, cinema, fisheries, real estate, surveys, mobile phones, Android, applications, Internet, washing machine, Microsoft, Google, gadgets, questionnaire, online shopping, business, management, risks, negotiations, business books, мобильные приложения, мобильные платформы, бытовая электроника, оргтехника, реклама, маркетинг, порталы вакансий, поиск работы, субтитры, сотовые телефоны, контракты, гаджеты, стиральные машины, техническая документация, редактирование, перевод с английского на русский, перевод с русского на английский, профессиональный перевод, туризм, отели, путешествия, ... Russian
Estatu Batuak
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Identity Verified   Vanda Nissen
  PhD in Linguistics
Russian translator Australia, NAATI certified Russian, NAATI accredited Ukrainian, naati recognized ukrainian, NAATI Ukrainian, NAATI Russian, NAATI accredited Russian, Russian legal translator Australia, law, marketing, contracts translation, health care translation, software translation, Russian translation, certified translation, Russian English translation, translation services, document translation, English Russian translation, English translation, contracts translation, tourism translation, web-pages translation, TRADOS 2014, marketing, translator, freelance translator, legal Russian translation, Ukrainian translator brisbane, dansk-russisk oversættelse, Russian marketing translation, educational documents translation, criminal law translation, online casino translation, Russian interpreter Brisbane, poker Russian translation, games translation, NAATI driver's license, Russian localization, Russian translator Brisbane, Ukrainian translator Brisbane, Russian translator Queensland, ... Russian
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Identity Verified   Vadim Kadyrov
  Full compliance with DIN 2345 standard.
Russian, English, translate, proofreading, proofread, translation, editing, literature, Russian-English translation, electronics, electricity, erecetion, mounting, specification, mobile technology, metallurgy, metal, Articles of association, legal texts, memorandum of association, finance, marketing, contractsб publications, religion, political science, social theory, research, переводчик, письменный перевод, перевод, перевод, английский, русский, международные организации, права человека, социальные науки, общественные науки, обществознание, обществоведение, социология, политология, исследование, социальные исследования, социальная теория, история, transcription, transcribing, interpretation, conference interpreter, English, Russian, translation, escort translation, interpretation, conference interpretation, technical translation, medical, healthcare, development, business, language, lingua, lingva, English-Russian, Russian-English, русский, английский, рус-англ, англ-рус, русский-анг ... Russian
1335 points
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Identity Verified   Valery Kaminski
  Commitment and experience, here and now
English to Russian translation, marketing, advertising, sales, business, e-commerce, official letters, colloquial, literature, articles, documentation, manual, leaflet, brochure, TV, books, translation, proofreading, interpretation, internet, native Russian, Belarusian, English to Russian, Russian to English, proofing, editing, proof, children's books, information management, western, humor, humour, tourist, Russisch, Englisch, englische Sprache, russische Sprache, Übersetzer, company policy, bulletin, service de traduction, vers le russe, market research, opinion surveys, questionnares, social care, social services ... Russian
1286 points
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Identity Verified   Larissa Boutrimova
  Accuracy and Style
English to Russian translator, Canada, Toronto, coal, mining, minerals, geology, natural resources, processing, underground, mine, open pit, longwall, equipment, energy, power generation, coal-fired, power plant, methane, gas, degasification, environment, ecology, business, installation, operation and maintenance manuals, contracts, marketing, market research, opinion surveys, questionnaires, social care, social services, telephone interpreting, proofreading, proofing, editing, quality assurance, русский, переводчик, Канада, Торонто, уголь, добыча, угледобыча, полезные ископаемые, геология, пласт, шахта, разрез, рудник, горный, горно-геологический, подземный, лава, забой, очистной, проходческий, горнодобывающее оборудование, газ, метан, дегазация, энергетика, электростанция, окружающая среда, экология, руководства по монтажу, эксплуатации и техническому обслуживанию, контракты, маркетинг, маркетинговое исследование, опрос мнений, анкета, социальное обслуживание, телефонный перевод, кор ... Russian
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