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  • 1 - What is the Certified PRO Network?

    The Certified PRO Network is an initiative to provide qualified translators and translation companies with an opportunity to network and collaborate in an environment consisting entirely of screened professionals.

    If you have a question on the Certified PRO Network and cannot find the answer below, please contact staff via support request.

  • 2 - Who can apply for inclusion into the Certified PRO Network?

    Both freelance translators and translation companies can take part in the program.

  • 3 - How good does a translator / a company have to be to be admitted into the Certified PRO Network? Are only elite translators / companies admitted?

    The level screened for inclusion into the network is not "good" or "elite" but "adequate". In the case of translators, the screening process seeks to establish only that the applicant meets or exceeds certain minimum professional standards in three screening areas: translation ability, business reliability and "citizenship". In the case of companies, two main areas are screened for adequacy: business reliability and "citizenship".

  • 4 - What screening process is used to determine whether or not a translator or a company qualifies for admittance into the program?

    For translators, a three-part process is used to check for translation ability, business reliability and "good citizenship". For details on how translators are evaluated, visit this page.

    For companies, only business reliability and "good citizenship" are screened --companies cannot prove the translation ability of the service providers they work with. Details on how these two areas are screened are available here.

  • 5 - I am certified as a translator / as a company by a major industry association / organism. Does that qualify me for admission into the network?

    In part. For translators, a verified industry credential may satisfy the "translation ability" portion of the screening process. For companies, credentials or certifications may help to asses business reliability. Adequacy in the rest of the areas must be confirmed separately though.

  • 6 - I have an industry credential but I have not yet reported it to What should I do?

    Translators can report their credentials in their profiles and have them verified by site staff. Report your credentials here and submit a scanned copy of them --including a translation into English if necessary-- through the support center.

    If you are applying for inclusion into the network as a company, make sure you report standards or certification(s) in your profile here and have a scanned copy of these certificates ready to submit during the review process.

  • 7 - I have not earned any credential or certification. May I still apply?

    Absolutely. Assessment of your translation ability as a translator or of your business reliability as a company will be performed based on other information that you supply in your application.

  • 8 - Can the Certified PRO network be discussed in the public forums?


  • 9 - Is there anything about the Certified PRO network that can not be discussed in the public forums?

    In order to protect the integrity of the screening process, specific details about the application review process should not be discussed in the site forums. Check forum rule #12 for more information.

  • 10 - Are companies able to participate in the program?

    Yes, translation companies are also allowed to apply for inclusion into the network.

  • 11 - Is the present list of program participants final?

    No. Applications submitted are reviewed by site staff on a daily basis.

  • 12 - Who will review my application?

    Applications for inclusion in the Certified PRO Network are reviewed by site staff members. However, application reviewers may request the assistance of members of the network with the review of sample translations submitted to support translation ability. This sample review is completely anonymous (i.e. reviewers do not know who the applicant is just as applicants do not know who review samples)

  • 13 - I am a freelance translator, do I have to apply in my top language pair?

    No, freelance translators applying for inclusion into the network can apply in any of their language pairs. However, applying in the strongest pair is advised.

  • 14 - The application requires that I select just one of my language pairs. Is it not possible to apply in additional language pairs?

    Yes. Members of the Certified PRO Network can be PRO certified in up to two different language pairs. Requirements to apply for certification in a second language pair include:

    • Applicants must be members of the Certified PRO Network already.
    • A new application must be submitted, but containing only information on translation ability (sample translation in second pair, credentials, references, etc.).
    • Willingness to keep on networking and collaborating in an environment consisting entirely of screened professionals.

    Apply for PRO certification in a second language pair --or for your first certification-- here.

  • 15 - Can translation companies apply for more than one PRO certification if they have more than one standard or certification outside

    No. Translation companies accepted into the Certified PRO Network cannot apply for further certification since there is only one certification available to them (i.e. translation companies are either members of the Certified PRO Network or not).

  • 16 - What happens if my application does not get accepted?

    Whether you decide to take part in this program or not, and whether or not your application is accepted, your use of will not be affected. The Certified PRO program is an optional program intended to operate in parallel with existing site features.

  • 17 - If my application is not accepted, will I be able to reapply?

    Yes. You can reapply at anytime as long as your application has not been denied.

  • 18 - Will I get feedback on my application and have a chance to submit additional information?

    Yes, if appropriate, screeners contact applicants via an online support request that is automatically generated when the application is submitted (you can check your "Certified PRO application form" ticket at any time here). However, it is in your interest to submit an application that is as complete as possible, as this will help to ensure that it is processed without additional delay.

  • 19 - Who makes the final decision on applications?

    Although input from existing PROs plays an important role in the overall process, final determinations are made by site staff members.

  • 20 - Is there an appeals process?

    Yes, it is possible to request that your application be re-evaluated.

  • 21 - I understand that peer reviews can play an important part in the screening process. How, then, was the initial group of Certified PROs selected?

    For the core group, a verified, tested credential from a major association was required. In addition it was necessary that there be clear evidence of business reliability, good citizenship, ie. agreeing to be bound by the professional guidelines as a condition of participation as well. These select members were contacted and screened on a person-by-person basis.

  • 22 - What exactly is meant by "ongoing review"?

    The details of the ongoing review portion of the program have yet to be determined. The program will be formulated among program participants once a representative number has been admitted.

  • 23 - What fulfills the requirement for ongoing professional development?

    The details of the ongoing professional development portion of the program have yet to be determined. The program will be formulated among program participants once a representative number has been admitted.

  • 24 - I am already in an organization that has requirements for continuing education. If I participate in this program as well, will my meeting the requirements of the other program be considered?

    Yes. In some cases, complying with the requirements of existing programs may be sufficient to satisfy one or all of the ongoing requirements of the Certified PRO program (for example in the area of translation ability.)

  • 25 - Is PRO certification available to interpreters?

    Not yet. A distinct screening process will be developed for interpreters in the future.

  • 26 - Is it possible for a person / a company to be removed from the network?

    Yes. If it becomes clear that a participant does not (or no longer) meets the minimum requirements of any of the parts to the screening process, that person / company would be subject to removal from the program.

  • 27 - What does it cost to participate in the program?

    The Certified PRO network is being provided as a service to members only, Professional members in the case of translators and Business members in the case of companies. If admitted, members pay no additional fees.

  • 28 - Is it necessary to remain a paying member of to continue participating in the Certified PRO network?


  • 29 - What happens to my Certified PRO badge if my membership expires?

    If your membership expires, your inclusion into the CPN program will no longer be valid. However, upon membership renewal, your status as a Certified PRO will be reinstated.

  • 30 - I am not a paying member of at all. Can I apply?

    Yes. If your application is successful, you will be asked to become a member as a condition of participating in the program.

  • 31 - Is there a deadline to apply for the program?


  • 32 - What are the benefits of the program?

    The two main benefits of being a member of the Certified PRO Network are:

    1. access to a network of all screened professionals
    2. an additional means of distinguishing yourself as a professional. Many program participants view this also as an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the industry.

    Other benefits include:

    • a distinguishing Certified PRO seal shown next to their name throughout the site
    • a printable and downloadable certificate available in their profiles
    • a special search option in the directory of freelance translators and interpreters
    • exclusive access to a personal workspace and to a Certified PRO Network private forum
    • special discount on selected training sessions and events
    • distinguishing Certified PRO seal in in-person events name badges
    • access to periodically organized virtual powwows for members of the network
    • Certified PRO logo to be used in personal websites, email signatures, blogs, etc.
    • full access to virtual events
    • the possibility to join TWB without going through their screening process
    • option to share glossaries with other members of the network
    • possibility to offer mentorship
    • and more!

  • 33 - Will Certified PRO translation companies assign project to certified PRO translators only?

    Not necessarily. Translation companies participating in the program can not only choose to assign projects to other members in the network, but also to qualified translators outside the program. In other words, certified PRO translation companies have no obligation to assign projects to other members in the network.

  • 34 - Will the names of my clients and references be kept confidential?

    Yes. They will be used only to confirm data in your application.

  • 35 - Will people who I provide as references / clients / collaborators be contacted? What will they be asked?

    Your references / clients / collaborators will be contacted by email (where possible and if needed) and asked to provide overall feedback in the areas of screening for the program. Phone calls may also be made in some cases.

  • 36 - Do I have to write in English in my application?

    For now, applications are being accepted in English, Spanish, German, French, Ukrainian, and Russian. However, if you would like to apply outside these languages, please note that a portion of your application would require review from a Certified PRO and could take more time for processing.

  • 37 - Will the application form be localized?

    Yes, localization into the community's major languages will be done over time. No dates have yet been set.

  • 38 - How much time will be expected of me to participate in the program?

    Strictly speaking, the program only requires that you keep your profile updated, and stay current on program-related news. However, the degree to which you benefit may depend on how much you participate.

  • 39 - If I am interested in the program, but not able to participate now, will I be able to apply in the future?


  • 40 - Does acceptance into the Certified PRO network confer upon a participant special legal standing in any country?

    No, being admitted into the program does not confer upon a person any special legal status in any jurisdiction. Being PRO certified does not mean the person is a “certified” or a “sworn” translator.

  • 41 - Is there any area on the site to which only Certified PRO participants have access?

    Yes, a private forum has been set up for those admitted into the network. New features may also be developed exclusively for program participants.

  • 42 - How are translation samples submitted by translators evaluated?

    Sample translations submitted when applying as a translator are presented to PRO peer reviewers without any personally identifiable information in them (name, application, profile, etc.). Only the title, field, source and target text are shown. Sample translations are evaluated by reviewers who evaluate separately using an interface and process that involves the SAE J2450 Translation Quality Metric. Ratings are not published, and are not shared with Certified PRO peers.

  • 43 - Where can I see my Certified PRO Network certificate?

    Your Certified PRO Network certificate is available in .jpg format in your profile, in the " Certified PRO certificate(s)" section.

  • 44 - Where can I download a copy of my CPN certificate(s)?

    You (or any site visitor) can download a copy of your Certified PRO Network certificate(s) by clicking on the language pair for which you were certified in the Certified PRO certificate(s) section of your main profile page.

  • 45 - Can I use the Certified PRO red badge in my website, blog or e-mail signature?

    Yes. If you are a Certified PRO member, you can show the Certified PRO badge in and off and use it to link to your profile. You can find a comprehensive description of how to do this here.

    You can also use the new logo designed for members of the Certified PRO Network only as described here.

  • 46 - I have been certified in 2 language pairs, how can I get my badge to show both language pairs?

    To show a single logo with 2 PRO certified language pairs, follow the instructions here.

  • 47 - I do not want to show my real name in my CPN certificate.

    If, when being accepted to the Certified PRO Network and receiving your CPN certificate, your real name was showing in your profile as your site name and later you decided to show your username instead, you need to submit a support request so that staff can re-generate the CPN certificate in your profile and update your site name visibility preferences on it.

  • 48 - If an outsourcer searches the directory for Certified PROs working in my second certified language pair, will my profile show up as part of the results?

    Yes. If an outsourcer searches the directory for Certified PROs working in English to Spanish and the second language pair you chose for PRO certification is English to Spanish, your profile should come up as part of the results. You can test this here.

  • 49 - Will I have access to quoting on jobs that require members of the Certified PRO Network only in any of the two language pairs in which I am PRO certified?

    Yes. As long as you meet the job requirements set by the job poster, you will be allowed to quote on jobs posted in any of the two language pairs in which you were PRO certified.

  • 50 - When applying for certification in a second language pair, can I include the references I included in my first application, or should I include new references?

    If the references you included in your first application can also attest to your translation ability in your second language pair, you can include the same references. What is important is that the references you include can confirm your translation ability in the language pair you are choosing to apply for a second PRO certification.

  • 51 - Will my "online citizenship" be re-reviewed during the screening process for PRO certification in a second language pair?

    Yes. Even when the screening process for PRO certification in a second language pair seeks to establish that an applicant meets or exceeds certain minimum professional standards in the translation ability area, members of the network with an incomplete profile or with active recent administrative actions in their profiles may be asked to take some time to resolve these issues before certification in a second language pair can be granted.

  • 52 - How can I display my PRO certification in two different language pairs?

    As with a single PRO certification, a red 'P' badge showing next to your name in your profile will be shown. What will change is that, when mousing-over this badge, the two language pairs in which you were PRO certified will be displayed. Also, two different certificates will be uploaded to your profile for each PRO certification.

  • 53 - Can I opt-out of certification in a given language pair?

    Yes. You can opt-out of PRO certification at any time and --if you are certified in two language pairs-- for each individual pair.

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